Friday, November 16, 2007

The Low Down

Most of you probably know me from Trinity Bicycles, the company I started in August of 2006 with my business partner, Joseph Spragins. At the end of the year I'll be moving my family and my part of the business to Wilmington, North Carolina where my wife's family resides. Joey and I decided that he would keep the Trinity name, as I named the company for the river which runs near the shop in Irving. Joey will continue the business in the Dallas area, but will focus on local customers.

I will continue to focus on practical bicycles suitable (and hopefuly used) for transportation with my new company, Longleaf Bicycles.

While it may be a tad optimistic, the plan is to open Longleaf Bicycles on January 2. At the latest I'll be open the next week. Until December 21st, if you need anything please contact me at Trinity Bicycles.

EDIT: This date was moved up to Saturday Dec. 1. Joey and I decided it would be easier for him to go ahead and start running Trinity on his own beginning then, and I realized I had a whole lot more work to do with preparation for the move and setting up things for Longleaf than I thought and wouldn't be much use to Joey at Trinity during December, anyway. I will be fulfilling wheelbuild and parts orders during December. I won't have time for complete bike assemblies, though. If you need a complete bike finished before the first week of January, please contact Joey at Trinity, he'll be glad to help you.

My contact info is at


59Romulus said...

Best wishes on your new venture and in your house, etc. I have a buddy on Oak Island, NC, who I visit in the summer. I will try to stop in to see you on a visit. There is an active club called Cape Fear Cyclists if I recall. Hope it all works fine for you.

John Blish
Minneapolis MN

FBB said...


Best wishes for a prosperous new business! It sounds like you will be near family, which means aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents for your little one. This is a very good thing.



Elizabeth & Montgomery said...

Good luck, Anthony!
Looking forward to watching your new business grow.

My wife, little one and I are also moving soon, leaving NYC for DC in the New Year.


Phillip said...


Welcome to the state and good luck with Longleaf, Wilmington is a great little city. I'll have to get down there to meet you.

Phil Fuentes
Greensboro NC

Eric said...

Yay, someone who carries Kogswell in NC. (I live in Raleigh) Whenever I've visited, Wilmington has usually seemed like a terrifying place to get around on bike...Biking around the coast is cool though. Anyhow, best of luck.