Monday, November 19, 2007

More Riding with Children

Reader Patrick B. sent the link to Bobike. These are the folks that make the seat Xtracycle sells. I hadn't seen the rest of their seats and am happy for the heads up. When I see any child carryin' contraption my next thought is always "How many kids can I carry with that thing?" It looks like with a Maxi and a Mini you could put easily carry two children on a bike. With a child on the snap deck of the planned Xtracycle, that's three. If mom can carry two, that'll make five. Five kids should cover most people. If you have more the older ones should be able to pedals themselves by the time they lose a seat.

Of course, I'm only thinking of those who come after us. What of those who came before? Clever Cycles has a blog post showing the way.

I have contacted the Bobike people about becoming a dealer. I will certainly be an Xtracycle dealer. When I first opened Trinity I spoke with the company who is importing the bakfiets and other Dutch cycles that Clever Cycles sells, but the buy-in was beyond what I could justify. If my shop, like Clever Cycles, was in Portland, I would have jumped all over it--but it didn't make sense for me.

p.s. Patrick also said he couldn't use the comments section to post the Bobike link. When I have the website built, I'll have the blog incorporated in the main site. I'd prefer a blog that doesn't require the user to register in order to post comments, so I'll try to have something which allows anyone to easily post.


Justin Miller said...


Very nice post. Good luck with your new venture.

The Surly Big Dummy and the Kona Ute come to mind as interesting options for carrying kids. The Ute has an MSRP of $799 for a complete bike, which is a price point that may be acceptable for some who whan to "try it and see." I am not sure what the seating options are, though.

Justin Miller

Longleaf Bicycles said...

If the Xtracycle + bobike seat works out I'll probably get a Big Dummy when they become available.

Regarding the Ute--I'm not going to buy a transportation bike from people who can't nail a correct fender line on the bike they photograph for the web site. C'mon folks. The Xtracycle looks a lot better thought out to me.