Saturday, November 17, 2007

All Bikes Some of the Time

You'll find here everything you'd expect from a bicycle business' blog. Bikes and parts I'm carrying or considering carrying, technical talk, etc. But I hope that from time to time the conversation will turn to the broader questions of how bicycle riding affects human life. Thinking about these questions led me to first start riding a bicycle as an adult, and the practice of riding a bicycle as my main form of transportation led me to begin working with bicycles. How we decide to transport ourselves from A to B has an immense affect on the shape of our fashioned environment, the way in which we understand community to be formed (or not formed), our sense (or lack thereof) of being rooted to particular places and people, and on and on. I hope that readers (I guess I should first hope I'll have readers) will contribute to this discussions when they arise.

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