Monday, January 28, 2008

Wilmington Alley Cat

The first (as far as anyone there knew) Wilmington Alley Cat race was held last Sunday. It was very well organized with a fairly short course that didn't scare anyone away. Some people had no intention of racing and rode leisurely; some were a little more competitive. Everybody enjoyed meeting up with other cyclists. There seems to be a descent-sized group of people in the downtown area who get around on their bikes and a fledgling bike culture is developing. It was refreshing. It felt good to ride hard enough to get myself winded after being on the bike very little during the last two months of moving. The race was won on a climb the organizers manufactured in flat Wilmington by placing a checkpoint at the top of a seven story parking garage. No one was able to pass on the way back down and with the finish line nearby the order of arrival at the top of the climb was maintained till the end.

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