Monday, February 4, 2008

Sheldon Brown 1944-2008

I never met Sheldon, though we exchanged e-mails a few times. I doubt there's anyone reading this page who wasn't acquainted with him in some manner. I spent a lot of time on his web pages when I first started riding a bicycle as an adult. I started riding late, and when I knew I wanted to work with bikes I spent even more time on his site catching up. At the time I was working as a mechanic at the local Trekalized dealer and every once in awhile I'd have a question that I couldn't find a satisfactory answer to anywhere else. I'd e-mail Sheldon and he'd answer it. I can't imagine the volume of e-mail he must have received. I wasn't special. I was just some curious junior mechanic. But he always took his time and answered the question well. He didn't have to do that. He didn't have to do the same for hundreds--if not thousands of others. But he did.
A beautiful and good life is primarily a life of gratuity.
--Ivan Illich

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