Saturday, March 1, 2008

New Location Redux

Unforseen circumstances caused us to move shop before we ever really opened. Evidently I didn't check with enough municipal officials, and though the city was fine with the location the county was at the minimum going to require the addition of a handicapped ramp and a wider door for accessibility. So we moved shop from the southeast corner of Brunswick and Fourth to the northwest corner of the same intersection. Perhaps the shortest move in history--318 ft. from door to door. Curiously, this required a change of our phone and fax number.

805 B North Fourth St.
Wilmington, NC 28401
910.341.3049 phone
910.341.3059 fax

We are now directly on the downtown Wilmington Free Trolley line, in the old bakery building which now consists of the Modern Bakery Condominiums as well as a few businesses which are in the attached, original structure pictured to the right in the link. The window and door to the right below are ours:

I've been setting up everything in the last week and even though we're not yet officially open a few people who have heard about the shop have stopped by, which is heartening. It was nice to work on customers' bikes for a change instead of doing paper/computer/phone work. I'm in the shop just about every day, and will open soon.

Thank you very much to everyone who has ordered wheels and other parts while we've been moving. It has been a great help to the business and blush-inducing to have dedicated customers from around the country who have placed orders during this liminal period.

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tex said...

The complications are amazing, but I'm glad you are holding up and moving forward.

Good Luck.