Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Day, Rough Day

The summer weather in Wilmington was nice yesterday, which means it was humid and only moderately hot. Silas and I rode to pick up some groceries about noon, and found a good route to a store we hadn't taken our bikes to before. Later in the day I rode to my sister-in-law's while the rest of the family followed in the car. It isn't a bicycle friendly route and about half of it is on a multi-lane road with 45ish mph traffic, but with what I have termed my "shock and awe" visibility set up (bright colored shirt, reflective hi-vis triangle, PlanetBike Superflash and Dinotte Taillight--both taillights, esp. the Dinotte are bright enough to be visible in the day) I felt comfortable and everyone gave me plenty of room. We all went to a park near my sister-in-law's and I rode some more before riding home. I was nice and tired by the end of the day, and the night air was cool on the return ride home.

Silas went to bed early than we expected and was a little feverish, which we first thought was due to another molar coming in, but in the middle of the night he woke up in obvious pain and vomited. Lucy examined him and found what looked like spider bite on his back near his left armpit. Because the center looked necrotic and there was a large infected aura around the bite we suspected it could have been a brown recluse bite and took him to the emergency room (it was 3am). The doctor there also thought it a spider bite. Only after doing some research at home did I find out the brown recluse bites are often misdiagnosed with the nastiest alternative being MRSA, which the doctor did mention in passing. I was frustrated with this, though the doctor and nurse were pleasant to deal with, the possibility of MRSA wasn't made very explicit. In retrospect the immediate antibiotic injection administered and the strength and type of the antibiotic prescribed indicate the doctor was covering the bases if the culprit was MRSA. I understand the doctor may have not wanted to freak us out, and that ER staff have to deal with a lot of dense people, but I'd rather have the straight dope and get as much information as possible from the staff. The antibiotics have helped, but Silas is still feverish and the necrotic wound will get worse in the next two or three days before it gets better. Not fun stuff for anybody involved.


Jim G said...

Anthony, best wishes to Silas for a speedy recovery! A friend of mine was bitten by a Brown Recluse a few years ago, and it was unfortunately pretty nasty stuff indeed. Sorry to read/hear about this!

Longleaf Bicycles said...

Thanks Jim. My hunch is MRSA. we'll find out today if a culture is deemed necessary. Nasty stuff either way. Silas is doing okay, he gets listless and is not himself for periods, then perks ups and is his usual perky, funny, impatient toddler self. He is on stong antibiotics which seem to be working, but he'll need probiotics after the course so that his gut flora won't be wrecked. Fortunately he still nurses, which will also help his gut flora repopulate.

veloChine said...

Anthony, hope Silas gets better soon. Best to your wife as well

Longleaf Bicycles said...

Thanks Carlos,

Yesterday the infection looked like it was going to spread across his entire back, but today it has improved dramatically and the red aura around the wound is now just a little bigger than a quarter. It improved remarkably just in between the time he woke up and the time he went to the nurse around noon.