Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bicycle Repair and Technical Links

This entry is a resource I made for people attending today's clinic and it might be helpful for others. I'll put this on the main site sometime and add to it when possible. There is nothing groundbreaking here, and most of these resources are well known to bike geeks, but they're a solid start for anyone who is starting out, and can be useful to experienced mechanics for some obscure questions.


Sheldon Brown's Website The late, great Sheldon was a walking bicycle encyclopedia. He put much of his knowledge on the web and never tired of helping others with their questions. His website contains various technical articles and a very helpful bicycle glossary are found on his site.
Park Tools Repair Page Instructions on how to perform repairs on specific components. Just point your cursor of the part of the bike you need to work on.
Diagnosing clicks, creaks, and other noises emanating from a bike is one of a mechanic's toughest, most time consuming jobs. This page will give you some pointers on how to hunt down and eliminate annoying noises.

Other Links and Web Tools

Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator
Sheldon Brown's Internal Gear Calculator
Chainring and Cog Combos for turning a bike with vertical dropouts into a singlespeed or fixed wheel bike.
Tubular Tire Repair Few people ride tubulars anymore, and many think repairing them is next to impossible. Don't be intimidated, it can be done fairly easily.
Seatpost Stuck in Your Frame? Fifteen ways to get it out from Sheldon.
Tire Sizing can be confusing because of the lack of standardization, especially on older bikes (a "26 inch" tire can be five different sizes). Once again, Sheldon will help you sort it out.

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