Saturday, October 4, 2008

Community Xtracycle Available at the Shop

I now have an demo Xtracycle at the shop that anyone can borrow if they need to do an errand that requires more cargo capactiy than a regular bike.  If you don't know, Xtracycle is a company that makes a kit which turns a normal bike into a longtail cargo bike with very large saddlebags and a platform.  They have a couple of smart accesories for carrying long objects, other people, and even other bikes.

The long wheelbase makes carrying heavy loads much easier and makes the handling much better than a normal bike when loaded.  Basically it allows you to carry things you used to think you couldn't carry on a bike.  For instance, I take the boxes from the shop to my house to be recycled since we don't have recycling service at our building.  Here's how I did it this Thursday.
I'd like to be clear that you don't have to be in the market for an Xtracyle to borrow ours. Anybody who needs to can use it for an errand.  We have the wideloader and longloader plug-ins if you need them, as well as a child's seat for younger children and footsies plus a "stoker" handlebar for older children or adults who need to ride along.

The Xtracycle we now have is built on a pretty big frame, and I'm afraid smaller riders will have a hard time fitting on it.  Sorry.  I hope to have a smaller frame built up soon. 



Xtracycle said...

Very, very cool. This is the type of community interaction we love seeing by LBSs! Thanks for sharing the longtail lifestyle with your customers. Too cool!

Kelly Hogaboom said...

This is wonderful! I am going to print a copy of this article and take it to my LBS. I was the first Free Radical install in my community and had the LBS do it - and the experience has been such a positive one I want to share. I've also allowed my own X to be test-driven - and thus spawned the second Free Radical install around here.

Thanks for making such an effort. Do get a smaller-framed bike for the ladies out there (or smaller guys / kids). I'm a SAHM with two little kiddos and I bike everywhere with them - I wouldn't fit on a big bike.