Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Tip for the Office

I'm going to pass on a helpful tip before offering more excuses why I don't post on the blog more often.  Laser printer toner cartridges are expensive, and printers will often prematurely declare that the toner cartridges are low or empty.  Keep using the allegedly spent cartridge as long as you print quality is acceptable.  When the quality starts to flag pull the cartridge out and--while holding it over a trash can in case of accident--smack it around.  Give it a good throttling.  Reinsert into printer.  I have milked an extra 100 pages and counting out of my present cartridge with this method.

Insert all the usual excuses about never blogging because of being busy and doing it all myself here.  There are many things I'd like/need to accomplish that get lost in the constant shuffle of wheelbuilds, e-mails, and repairs, blogging is often one of them.  I did get 99% caught up on my bookeeping this week, which is a great relief.  I will likely need some help in the shop very soon.  Fortunately I have met a couple of good people that I can work with should the need (and more importantly the ability to pay them) arise.