Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Hearty Thank You to All Our Customers

The first year for any business is crucial, and though we weren't up and running nearly as quickly as we hoped this year (we were shooting for mid-January but didn't open until March) we've done well enough in our first year to begin 2009 with guarded optimism.  When I started the business that became Longleaf I had much more passion than business experience (not to mention capital).  I've learned a lot and still have much to learn.  But I wouldn't have the chance to continue learning if it weren't for our customers.  I don't know how many times I've told people how exceptional our customers are.  Anyone who has worked any type of retail job has plenty of horror stories about spoiled, childish customers.  We haven't had a single Longleaf customer who was anything less than a joy to work with.  Ours are grateful, generous, and patient, and appreciate what we do.  We're very, very lucky to have them.

We hope to offer more in the next year for both our local customers and those spread across the country.  You'd be justified in doubting me, but I am working on the website daily.  It has been tweaked (changes are hidden for now) and you'll soon be able to purchase parts directly from our website.  We also have plans to move to a more accessible retail location and expand in order to serve a wider swath of local customers.  Downtown Wilmington has a pedestrian and bicycle friendly infrastructure which makes it an ideal locale to continue the Bicycle Renaissance.  This is where we live, and we'll do everything we can to support a culture of safe and humane transportation in our neighborhood.

I'm taking Friday and Saturday off a short vacation.  As usual, we're closed Sunday.  Normal business will resume on the 5th.

Happy New Year,

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hours

On Wednesday at 2pm the shop will close for the Christmas and New Year's holiday. From that time until January 5 the shop will be open by appointment only. We will be taking orders via phone and e-mail during this time, but I'm not promising to be here at any given time. Think of it as a semi-holiday. I have a mountain of paper and website work to tackle, so I'll be here often. Normal business operations will resume January 5th.

Please don't hesitate to place an order during this time. I will be building wheels and shipping orders, but I'm trying to minimize interruptions and not be tied to the shop for a few days.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year