Thursday, January 29, 2009

Complete Dynamo Headlight Setup for just under $200

I found a batch of the discontinued Shimano NX-30 dynamo hubs which, when coupled with the new Planet Bike Blaze dynamo headlight (with standlight) allows me to put together a headlight dynamo setup for just under $200.   The kit includes the following.  All pieces can be purchased a al carte, of course, and all parts can be substituted with cost adjusted accordingly.  Call or e-mail to order.

Shimaono NX-30 36H Dynamo with Quick Release $53
Planet Bike Blaze LED Dynamo Light $54
Sun CR-18 Rim 36H (any size) $35
36 Wheelsmith SS14 spokes $25.20 (add $8.40 for double butted spokes) 
Wheelbuild Labor $30
Total $197.20

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