Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Radio Silence and a Request

Been a long time, I know.  I finally have a viable structure and managment system for the website and although you can't see it yet, we'll have a completely revamped site up within the next couple of weeks.  Much of the structure will remain, but most importantly the products and services we sell will be listed and available for purchase through the website.

I'm busy writing product descriptions day and night.  At first, the site will have a lot of stock product shots from manufacturers' websites.  I don't want it to remain that way in the long run, and I could use some help.  If you like to photograph bikes, bike parts, people on bikes, etc. and are willing to let me use your photographs, please send pictures to longleafbicycles@gmail.com.  I'll credit you in a caption if I use the photo on the website. 

What do we need pictures of?  Anything, everything.  Regular readers have a feel for our ethos and know what parts we sell.  Perhaps your photos will remind me a part I should stock, but have previously overlooked.  Photos needn't feature a product we sell.  Don't get me wrong, I want/need specific product shots, but don't hesitate to send in a photo that has nothing to do with what we sell but makes you think "That's why I love bicycles."


VALKOR said...

feel free to use any shots of my flickr. Let me know if you want any specific shots and I'll happily oblige. Hope things are going well in the shop.

Anonymous said...

hey, same here. if you see anything on my flickr that you like, you're welcome to it. -- patrick


Kissenhuellen said...

Is there a link to the final project?